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Why stage home for sale?!

Would you rather reduce the price of your home or spend significantly less to stage so your home will sell quicker? When people look at a home for sale, they judge every detail the moment they see it. If they see gorgeous, high-style furnishings placed perfectly in your home, they assume the sellers have great taste. In Atlanta, luxury home staging has become the norm, making it an almost necessary step in the real estate market. When you stage your home with the ultimate furnishings, your home will look its finest. You want to show buyers that your home is a gorgeous, stylish home worthy of being beautiful. When you stage, it is easier for buyers to see what furniture will work in your home. It’s been said that only 10% of buyers can see a homes potential. Many times, rooms seem small because they are empty. Master bedrooms appear larger and more appealing when you put a king size bed in and there’s still enough space for side chairs! Without the furniture, some buyers cannot picture how furniture will look in the home and how great your home can look. The Atlanta market is competitive and you should give your home the chance to get top dollar and sell quicker.

Shawn Penoyer Interiors, is pleased to offer a professional home staging service for homes or showrooms on the market. Give your home for sale the ultimate in furniture, art and layout design. The designers at Shawn Penoyer Interiors. blends their own brand of stylish contemporary furniture and vintage inspired furnishings, accessories, Sculpted walls, abstract artwork and more to give your home a highly dramatic and sexy look that will sell your home for top dollar.

We pride ourselves in showcasing homes at their best. Staging includes the design, delivery, installation and rental of all furniture, accessories, rugs, lighting, and artwork needed to make your home look its best. Our staging services can be as extensive or as simple as you want. We can stage every room or just the living room. Our services are limitless and can include painting, draperies, outdoor furniture or anything else you home may need. We give great attention to detail and design.

Why use Shawn Penoyer Interiors to stage?

  • 1: Our dramatic, high style furniture is unique to us and cannot be found anywhere else. We are well known for our elegant and glamorous contemporary designs.
  • 2: We are a team of professional interior designers and artists.
  • 3: We are quick, taking as little as a week to set up an entire home. Installation.
  • 4: typically takes only one day.
  • 5: We stage homes with thought and the personal touch.
  • 6: We accessorize the room with gorgeous artwork and decor.
  • 7: We are also a store, design center, and art gallery so we have many choices and styles to choose from.
  • 8: We can work with different styles of homes and our services are never cookie cutter.
  • 9: We make homes show like model homes to sell your home quicker and for top dollar.
  • 10:We are affordable. Often, the cost of the first price reduction is significantly higher.