Chandelier Cleaning

To get pricing, discuss your project or to chat with Shawn, please text 404-984-7900 or email:

We have several processes for cleaning chandeliers depending on the type, size and location. We also recommend and setup cleaning annually, and will send you a reminder each year so your fixture sparkles like new.

Our chandelier Cleaning Pricing is variable depending on the individual chandelier type, size, and height, however our initial price starts at $150/hour plus extras to accommodate whatever is needed for your specific fixture.

In order to get a more accurate estimate, please provide us with the following information:

    • text us a photo of your chandelier- 404-984-7900
    • a photo of your chandelier ceiling height in the room,
    • provide your location address.
    • your complete name
    • your email address where we can send you information including terms and conditions.

You can text this information to Shawn: 404-984-7900 or you can email this information to:

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