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The CAD Renderings Service that Shawn Penoyer Interiors provides is a very important element for both our clients and ourselves as designers and decorators. CAD Renderings are photo like quality of your room(s) in the future. This gives you a clear idea of what your room will look like after it has been designed and BEFORE you have purchased any expensive items or furniture.

Shawn Penoyer Interiors knows very well how difficult it is for anyone to try to “imagine” what a fabric swatch, will look in your room, or how an image of a sofa will fit in your den, and CAD Rendered rooms eliminate this confusion. Our clients are able to see their room complete with all of the design elements including wall finish, flooring, tile, artwork, light fixtures… anything that we have included in the design.

Not only is this helpful to our clients, it also allows our decorators to play with different options and scenarios as well during the interior design process. There have been situations were our senior designers were absolutely sure that a furniture piece was perfect for a space, and when we inserted this item into the rendering it was clear that it wasn’t appropriate for some reason or another. This saved us a costly error and money, and allowed us to provide perfection in our design at the first installation. CAD Renderings also give us the benefit of time savings in installations and everyone at the installation knows exactly where everything is going because they can look at the rendering and see for themselves instead of waiting for the designer to provide instruction.
Feel free to peruse our gallery and click on “Renderings” to view a small sample of these gorgeous images.

How CAD Renderings work?

Once we start your project, we will come to your home and measure in great detail all of the dimensions of the room, window locations, ceiling heights, etc. Depending on the number of rooms selected for this service, we go from room to room, creating a sort of “map” of your home or office. We also take a large number of digital photos, and panoramic photos of each room from several different angles. Any existing furniture or fabrics that need to stay with the design will be photographed as well and input into the rendering as well. We then return to our office where we begin to put these measurement into AutoCAD, or 3DSMax, or some similar program that we utilize. This is very time consuming and tedious but the end result helps us immensely and is very worthwhile. Once the room is “recreated” we are then able to insert and remove images, colors, patterns, furniture, etc at will. This allows us to submit revisions and changes until we come up with the desired interior design that we feel best suits our vision.

The minimum per-room charge to do this for any size room starts at $1, 250.00 and this include 2 camera views from 2 different angles. We can create a camera view from any angle or position from any point in the room, but typically we do this from high in a corner to get the best view that covers nearly all of the aspects of that room, and anything that is not covered will be covered from the second camera view. We offer additional angle images as well for an additional fee. Pricing varies based on the amount and complexity of furniture and other specific items that go in the space.

We also offer a room to room, 3D rendering service however this is provided at at additional expense and is typically no less than $2,500.00 per room, but is quoted on a per-project basis, as each project varies in detail from one interior design project to the next. Shawn Penoyer Interiors also offers exterior CAD Rendering projects as well. Be sure to inquire about this if you would like a quote for this service. We do offer artist watercolor renderings and graphite pencil renderings too.
Feel free to send us any questions of comments, and as always, we look forward to serving you!