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My Home is outside of Atlanta, Do you service my area?

Yes absolutely!  We have clients in multiple states and on both coasts and we will happily travel to your location.  There is a travel fee added to your invoice which is based on the distance from our location in Lavista Park, Atlanta to your residence or business address. This fee will include the travel time to and from your location that covers our time, mileage and gas that is above the estimated price for your project.

*There is a minimum travel fee of $35 for any location that is located 10 miles or more from our location (including return trip). We will be sure to make you aware of this fee in advance of scheduling your project or installation.

I purchased my chandelier from a local store, can you pickup and deliver to my home?

Yes we can, and the pricing for this service starts at $150-$245 for smaller, ready to pick-up fixtures that are already boxed or wrapped for travel. Our service does not include any wrapping, packing peanuts or boxing for chandelier pickup and deliver other than a basic cover sheet or fabic cover. For fixtures that need to be removed from the ceiling as demos or larger chandeliers that require additional work to remove crystals and are already hanging in a store, pricing is approximately $875 and up.

Each fixture is quoted on a case-by-case basis, and we require photos of both the fixture itself, your homes ceiling photo (which shows up what is currently installed) , and all photos of the complete pathway, from driveway to the front door and all rooms and hallways and doorways that the chandelier will need to traverse to get to the desination room, along with your home address so we can determine the time for travel to and from your home. Please text this information to Shawn at: 404-984-7900.

We will travel to the local Atlanta store, lower the chandelier and may add simple fabric “spandex type” overwrap for travel to contain the various contents, strands, etc. but we will NOT build a box, wrap, use packing peanuts etc., then put it on our truck and deliver it to your home. The removal process is basically a mirror of the install process and requires the same procedures on both ends from pickup to install. IF you would ONLY like it delivered, the pricing will be higher and you must have a place to hang it upon delivery.

We provide a pickup service for a fee of already assembled chandeliers that are wrapped and ready to transport from A LOCAL STORE and Delivered to a specified address within a 5 mile radius. Price does not include installation, warranty or inspection services !  You as the buyer and new owner of the pre-owned/used chandelier are wholly responsible for complete inspection of any Pre-owned fixture that you ask us to pickup and deliver for you. We will not source, locate, ship, deliver, or install any parts, or provide repair services.

We do not guarantee any damage will not occur and we will not replace any cracked, broken or missing crystals or parts. Please confirm all parts are included before purchasing this service. If you would like a complete disassembly (remove all or most crystals), please request a quote for this. 

Additionally, we do not do any inspection of the chandeliers during the pickup & transport process, as this service often involves pre-owned chandeliers that most often already have missing and/or cracked pieces and we do not go through any process of verifying these situations, as we are not going to be liable for locating, procuring or replacing any missing or broken crystal, and this process will be up to the owner to locate any replacement parts fhowever this is typically the same price as the installation, otherwise we will simply pickup and transport it to your home. Some crystal chandeliers require partial or full disassembly, and this will increase the price.rom the Seller whom they purchased it from.


Chandelier are designed to be installed in sections, starting with installing the main frame to your rooms’ ceiling and connecting the electrical, then adding the arms, and completing the installion with adding all of the crystals, bowls and crystal strands at the very end. This is why it is ideal and recommended that if you require an existing chandelier to be moved to a new location, it should be completely dissassembled, however the cost for this process can be high.

Most small, non-crystal and some crystal chandeliers with a small number of attached crystal pieces are relatively easy to transport, however larger chandeliers that have a lot of crystals (more than 50) add a substantial amount of weight to the arms and frame of the chandelier, and moving them adds a large degree of risk to the overall stability of the frame that could bend or break some areas or parts, which is why chandeliers need to be moved in the hanging position supported from the very top. Transporting, moving, and re-installing a fully assembled chandelier will always result in many of the crystal strands, bowls, and decorative crystals from falling off and possibly breaking. There are no extra parts provided for replacing these parts, so this is a risk that you need to be aware of and accept if you choose to purchase this service.

Finally, you will need to ensure that the purchased chandelier dimensions will fit through all of the doorways of your home. Obviously, a chandelier that has a width of 36″ will not fit through a 30″ bathroom door. We cannot twist, contort or turn the chandelier on its side to fit it through a smaller doorway, as this will cause the damage to the doorway, walls or paint, as well as the chandelier itself will be easily damaged or bent, and certainly many of the pieces will fall off or break and require sustantial time for the installer to re-attach them.

Additional charges will be applied if we arrive at your home with your chandelier and your doors need to be removed in order to deliver the chandelier into the home or room of the home. Please provide us with all of the photos from the entire area of delivery from your front door to the final desination so we can be prepared for all circumstances in advance and ensure that there is a smooth and damage free installation if possible BEFORE scheduling this service.  We ALWAYS recommend that you purchase a new chandelier that is not fully assembled if possible so that it can be installed as intended.

I'm interested in having a chandelier installed, what is the pricing?

Pricing for chandelier installation depends on at least 4 items:

The chandelier type (crystal or non crystal), the size and weight, the installation ceiling height, and the number of crystals if it is a crystal chandelier and the distance of your home from our location. There is a pricing page under Chandelier Installation which shows prices for you.

I would like to order a chandelier from your online store; is there a shipping charge?

Most products have free shipping, however, there are certain vendors that we purchase from that charge additional fees for shipping which we may list a shipping charge for based on your location address, and this will be disclosed in the shopping cart prior to you committing to the purchase. We will deliver your chandelier to you at your home and if you would like, we can provide pricing for the installation as well.

I would like to install more than 1 fixture; do you have discounts for multiple items?

Our pricing page is accurate for individual chandelier installations, however we may be able to provide a discount based on the specific situation in advance wherever possible.

I would like a dimmer installed. Can you install a dimmer for our new chandelier?

Yes absolutley!  I would recommend a dimmer for all of your light fixtures throuout your home because the proper lighting and brightness makes a big difference.

We charge $150.00 as a general price to replace a single existing switch with your supplied dimmer and as low as $80 if you have mutiple projects while we are visting your location.  Because there are so many options, colors, and price points of dimmers, you will need to purchase the dimmer you like and we will happily install it for you if you like. Please remember to make sure you also purchase a new wall cover-plate that fits the dimmer you have purchased as well.

NOT ALL DIMMERS ARE THE SAME !!! Especially for LED fixtures as some LED lights contain Ballasts or LED Drivers that are not compatible with many dimmers and require a specific type or brand to run your new fixture. We Do not supply the dimmer for your project so you must contact the manufacturer in advance to ensure you are purchasing a dimmer that will work with your Fixture.

*Customer must contact the manufacturer to ensure dimmer compatiblity with their fixture and purchase the correct dimmer; not all dimmers are the same. Non-compatible dimmers for some LED dimmers with Ballasts or LED-driver’s, can cause damage to the Fixture, which is a possiblity if the incorrect Dimmer is installed. Customer accepts all responsibility for procuring the correct dimmer for their fixture. (If we install a dimmer switch for you and it doesnt dim your fixture, you are still responsible for the installation fee, and will also be responsible for addtional fees if you want us to replace it later with an alternate dimmer including additional travel time to provide this service.)

ALSO, some LED bulbs are non-dimmable, and no dimmer switch will dim them. Please ensure you are purchasing bulbs that say “Dimmable” on them.  Dimmable bulbs are typically more expensive than non-dimmable bulbs.

Finally, Be sure you are purchasing bulbs in the color spectrum you would like. This spectrum is different from one manufacturuer to the next and range from 2700K (emits more yellow color) – 5000K ( emits bright white color) . It is best to test these in advance and always use the same brand for a single fixture so there are no variations.

Do I need to hire a licensed Electrician to install my fixture?

If the electrical box is already installed and we are replacing your fixture with a new fixture, there is no need to utilize a licensed electrician, because the install is simply to connect 2 wires to the existing electrical box, however this is entirely up to you.

We are not licensed electricians, but we are more than qualified to install your chandelier.

You might consider hiring an electrician for the following:

  • if you are planning to install a chandelier where there is no existing light fixture
  • The wiring in your home is old and requires updating
  • if you have had previously known electrical issues at your home
  • if you are replacing the current fixture that contains only a few lights with many more, as you want to be sure the electrical load will not be too much for your existing breaker that supplies the power to the new chandelier.


What kind of bulbs should I purchase for my chandelier?

We always recommend E12 Candelabra, Dimmable LED light bulbs, and we recommend these for 3 reasons primarily:

  • 1) they last much longer, and therefore you will not need to replace them which is nice if you have a chandelier that is really high in your foyer.
  • 2) they burn a fraction of energy for the same amount of light output, which you will see reflected on your monthly energy bill.
  • 3) they can work much better with Dimmer switches, since they are not using as much electricity as halogen bulbs. (SEE FAQ ON DIMMER INSTALLATION)

Here is a Video of the bulb description 

ALSO, some LED bulbs are non-dimmable, and no dimmer switch will dim them. Please ensure you are purchasing bulbs that say “Dimmable” on them.  Dimmable bulbs are typically more expensive than non-dimmable bulbs.

Finally, Be sure you are purchasing bulbs in the color spectrum you would like. This spectrum is different from one manufacturuer to the next and range from 2700K (emits more yellow color) – 5000K ( emits bright white color) . It is best to test these in advance and always use the same brand for a single fixture so there are no variations, as there are dozens of types and brands on the market and they are all different in output and cost.

If you would like us to install light bulbs for you on any fixture, you must let us know in advance and have the bulbs purchased prior to our arrival. There is a fee to install bulbs and the pricing is dependant on factors such as the ceiling height, and number of bulbs, etc. Bulb installation is not included in your fixture installation.

Can I bring my already assembled chandelier home myself?

This is never a good idea unless you are able to securely pack the chandelier well and transport it in a hanging position in a box or crate so that it is supported from the top stem,  and all crystals are secured to prevent them from breaking.

Chandeliers and light fixtures are incredibly fragile and will break easily, especially the the constant motion it will encounter in a vehicle. All it takes is one arm to break to discover it will be cheaper to buy another one then repair it.

I want to schedule an installation but I work during the week; can you install after hours or on the weekend?

Yes. We work at least 6 days every week and sometimes Sunday, although we try to avoid scheduling Sunday’s or holidays.

We do want to accommodate the best time for you and Sunday is a possibility and an additional fee may be required.

Please remember that our calendar fills up quickly so if you have a specific day and time that suits you, please be sure to request it right away before the time-slot gets taken. Scheduling is based on a first-come-first served basis with confirmed appointments taking priority over tentative appointments.

Projects paid in advance will be confirmed a not cancelled.

Does the installation Estimate Include Reinforcing my ceiling for my new fixture or chandelier ?

No. All of the services provided are “ala carte” and will be indicated as a line item with a detailed description. We do not include extras unless they are indicated in a line item. If your estimate includes a fixture installation and we discover that there is insufficent support from a cursory inspection that is obvious or concerning to us, we will point it out to you and let you know our opinion and suggestion.

Adding additional support is different from one customer to another, and each will have its own, different parameters and needs from the other. There is no way for us to know what is needed at your home, for your fixture until we are there at the installation, therefore we cannot provide pricing until we are there and see what is needed.  We will not install a fixture onto an existing outlet or support if we feel it is dangerous.

Will my new chandelier require additional Support?

Maybe! unfortunately we will not know until we are on-site and can view it ourselves, however we will not go into your attic to check this unless it is obvious from initial inspection and unless the client asks for it specifically. Otherwise we will assume the original construction from your builder installed the support correctly and it is sufficient to support the weight unless it is obvious from a cursory inspection, otherwise there is a fee assessed to access the attic space

We will not install any chandelier or fixture unless we are 100% confident that the mounting bracket is sufficient to support the weight of the chandelier.

We may need to access the attic over the location of the new chandelier to replace the light fixture support.

We do carry a variety of supplies to replace your mounting surface to ensure a safe installation, and we will provide you with the cost of the installation before we move forward, so you can decide which is best for you.

Do you install Ceiling Medallions?

We do install ceiling medallions and the pricing for these are based on the size or diameter as well as the ceiling height where they will be installed. Our Chandelier Pricing page has a pricing table for this as well.

We recommend that your ceiling medallion be painted before installation so that it you wont need to hire a painter to come back and paint it when it is mounted to the ceiling, which will cost much more.

We do not provide Painting services during chandelier installation, so please have this complete and allow plenty of time for the painted ceiling medallion to dry before we arrive to install it.

What do I need to do at my home before my scheduled chandelier installation?

You will want to have the area underneath where we will be installation your chandelier free of all personals, furniture, artwork, etc., including all of the areas from the entrance, through hallways and other rooms that we will traverse or travel through to access the room/space where we will be doing work. This includes planters at the front door, wall hangings, artwork, etc. Since we will be coming into your home with large & usually long ladders, we do not want to damage anything whatsoever, and it is the homeowners responsibility to secure these items in advance of our scheduled arrival time.

We are not able to move your furniture for you, and it will expedite the process if this is completed in advance, as we are on a tight schedule.

If we are installing a chandelier in your dining room, you will need to have your dining table and chair moved to the side as much as possible, or ideally, into an entirely different room to accommodate the ladder and the chandelier dolly, and any other equipment we may need.

We may also need to setup scaffolding if your chandelier height is high, like in a foyer or living room with tall ceilings. In this case, we will need to traverse the area from the entrance to the installation area and bring in all of the scaffolding and then set them up. This will take a bit of time and the entrance door will need to be open as we go back and forth from the truck to bring them in.

Also, if you have pets, you will need to secure them because they might see the open door as a chance to escape!

Should I unpack the chandelier that I have purchased before you arrive to install?

NO! In many cases, the chandelier is completely disassembled and is organized in separate packing that is labeled for the installer. If you start unpacking these items they will likely make our job more difficult to arrange and assemble. Please do us a favor and do not open the box, HOWEVER you must be assured that there are no broken glass parts (if your fixture has glass or crystal) and that all parts are included within the box.

We cannot be responsible for missing items from any lighting fixtures that you did not purchase from us directly. If any parts are missing and we need to make a second trip to complete the installation due to missing or broken parts, there are additional fees that will be charged for a return trip of no less than $150 and increases based on what is needed, and these fees will be sent to you on a second additional invoice.

Will you dispose of my old ceiling fan or light fixture when you replace it with a new one?

No. We will provide the materials and labor for installation, however we do not haul away or dispose of your old chandeliers, light fixtures, ceiling fans or any boxes and packing materials.

If you would like us to haul away any of these items from the fixture removal to be discarded, we will add a $150+ minimum disposal fee to your invoice to cover the cost incurred for time and travel to a disposal facility or dumpster. This service is not always available as we may have other scheduled installations or no room in our truck to haul away. Please make arrangements in advance for your old fixture such as donation services that may come and pickup for charity.

What will you do to protect my new floors during the installation of my project?

We will do our best to prevent any damage while we are working on your project, any we will bring padded moving blankets to cover the immediate area where we will be working only.

Most likely we will be utilizing a ladder or setting up scaffolding or both, and there is a possibility of floor scratching in any situation which may be unavoidable. If  you are concerned about your flooring please purchase and install a durable temporary floor protection such as RAM BOARD for added protection, prior to our scheduled arrival.

If you would like us to bring a more substantial floor protection such as RAM BOARD, please let us know in advance so we can add the cost to your invoice  to cover the additional time and material purchase to accommodate your request.

Also, we will not be removing this material or discarding it when we complete your project unless this is specified in advance and included in your invoice.

If i have my fixture installed and it is determined to be defective and needs to be replaced, is there a cost to me as the homeowner?

Absolutley yes. There is a cost to remove the defective fixture and replace it with another fixture, even if we installed the first light fixture that is defective. We are NOT RESPONSBILE in any way whatsoever for the fixtures we are installing for you.

This would be an unfortunate situation for you as the homeowner, however the installers are not responsible in any way whatsoever for the quality and/or the fixture in any way. We would recommend that you discuss this with the manufacturer or the company you have purchased the fixture from in advance of scheduling installation. Our job is complete once drive to and arrive at your home, setup the ladders or supports, and install your fixture. If for any reason your fixture does not work, either at that time, or any time in the future do to manufacturer defect, we must charge you for the current completed installation AND another installation which will also include the removal of the defective fixture.

Always confirm with your supplier that the fixture you are purchasing has been tested and has been confirmed to work properly in advance and also ensure that your fixture has a warranty to cover defects, and get this information in writing.

There are many “newer” fixtures that are LED’s and some of them have LED drivers or ballasts within the unit that can be problematic; this included not working at all once powered or, or display flashing, humming, or other this that may be troubling to a homeowner.

Finally, if you are considering a dimmer with any LED fixture, you will need to know if the fixture is, in-fact  “dimmable” or not as some LED bulbs are not dimmable. Ask your supplier or store which Dimmer unit works for your specific fixture in advance, since many do require specific types of dimmers.


When is my Payment Due?

We do not require payment until we are completely finished with your project, however, if you place your order online and book an appointment, you can remit payment in advance.

If any of the details are inaccurate or need to be revised once we arrive at your home or business, we will let you know right away if the pricing will need to be adjusted.

We proudly provide our customers with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What is your Hourly Rate?

We charge a Minimum Fee of $150 and an Hourly rate of $150 for all installation projects.

If you would like us to come to your home and hang 1 small mirror, we are happy to do this, and the cost would be $150. You can choose to not proceed with this as this is your decision, of course.  Understanding that if we are scheduling any project, we are onsite working on your project instead of working on another project that would also pay the same rate, which is why are prices are fixed and not variable based on incremental hours, or time slots.

Please call or email in advance to get verbal or written quotes in advance if you are unclear about our billing policies.


What forms of Payment do you accept?

We do not process credit cards. We do accept payment by cash, CashApp, Venmo, Personal check, and we also accept payments via Paypal Standard or PayPal business. Any processing fees will be collected and paid by the customer.

Here are links for payments:

PayPal : shawn@shawnpenoyerinteriors.com

Venmo: @Shawn-Penoyer

CashApp: $ShawnPenoyer

credit card: https://melio.me/shawnpenoyer

I bought a chandelier from Craigslist on sale; why is the installation cost more than what i paid for the fixture?

We seem to here this question on some occasions, so i thought it would be helpful to post this on here.

The price of what you paid for your fixture, casegood, etc, has absolutely no bearing whatsoever on the cost to install it. 

The time it takes us to drive our vehicle, gas, mileage, insurance, setup scaffolding if necessary, maintain tools, work on electricity, etc are all costs that we have to incur should we decide to install your project for you, and we need to charge a fee to cover these expenses and enjoy a profit at the same time.  If we are not making a profit, then we would rather just stay home on the sofa and watch tv! Makes sense doesn’t it?

Are there any additional charges that I might be charged ?

We will provide an estimate of cost prior to scheduling an installation which should be very accurate if your description of the size, type, ceiling height etc are correct. If anything has changed once we arrive on site to install, we will let you know the cost difference if any before we commence with any work.

If the installer needs to leave and return to complete the project, are there additional fees?

Yes absolutley. If for any reason we need to return to your home on another day to complete your project we must charge a fee to cover our time and expenses to do so. Return trip fee pricing are based on several factors including: scheduling, distance and mileage, re-installing ladders or scaffolding a second time, and other factors, and the price may be exactly the same as the first estimate sent to you initially.

Reasons for a return trip may include the following:

  1. incomplete product items needed to complete your installation from the manufacturer
  2. discovery of insufficient hardware or mounting which requires additional installation needs
  3. faulty product or items from your new fixtures that make the installation impossible to complete
  4. any additional services you may decide you would like, such as dimmer, ceiling medallion, etc.
  5. if the homeowner forgets to purchase any products such as light bulbs, switches ,etc.
  6. Any other reason that requires us to leave and return on another day and/or start over anew

We will not charge additional fees if we have arrived unprepared to complete your project because of our own fault.

Do you have more questions?