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We do NOT Carry Stock Products at our location. We ship directly from the Manufacturer - Please allow no less than 4+ weeks for delivery our your purchased items to arrive at your home.

Our Chandelier Installation & Delivery Service

Chandelier Cleaning

We have several processes for cleaning chandeliers depending on the type, size and location. We also recommend and setup cleaning annually, and will send you a reminder each year so your fixture sparkles like new. Our chandelier Cleaning Pricing is variable depending on the individual chandelier type, size, and height, however our initial price starts [...]
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Chandelier Installation

For over 14 years we have installed chandeliers and lighting throughout Atlanta and the surrounding cities and installed hundreds of chandeliers, fixtures and much more. We can safely pickup, pack and transport your preowned or new chandelier, and then install it, no matter how big or small. View Our Chandelier Installation Pricing Page to get [...]
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Non Crystal Chandelier

Non Crystal Chandeliers that do not need to be assembled by attaching individual crystals will not have the additional crystal charge indicated below

We provide a variety of chandelier services including:

Chandelier Cleaning

Chandelier Repair

Rewiring and Restoration

Fire Damage repair and renewal

Hand Spray and Polish

Machine Cleaning – off-site

New and Used Chandelier Installation

Sconce lighting Installation

Ceiling Fan and other lighting projects

Medallion Installation

Dimmer installation

Pricing for Chandelier Installation

The pricing for installation is determined by the different sizes and locations needed, ceiling height, etc. We can provide chandelier installation for virtually any size chandelier that you can find and our installers will deliver your chandelier on a custom made chandelier dolly specifically made for transporting chandeliers to your home or office and setup scaffolding on site

Pricing Table

Note: New switch location for light fixture with ceiling above 10′ with or without attic will require access holes. The higher the ceiling the more holes may be required.

If your design calls for a decorative medallion on the ceiling add the following installation charges, depending on the height of your ceiling and the size of the medallion.

Local Pickup and Delivery to your Home

$ 150

We will pickup a hanging chandelier, lower and pack for transport, then deliver to your home within a 10 mile radius from our location

Non Crystal Chandelier

$ 150

Price to hang a Non-Crystal chandelier or fixture to your 10′ ceiling and connect to electrical

Crystal Chandelier

$ 245

Price to hang a 25-45# weight Crystal chandelier or fixture to your 10′ ceiling and connect to electrical. Additional charges may apply for new chandeliers that require attaching individual crystal.

Non Crystal Chandelier

$ 295

Price to hang a 45-80# weight Crystal chandelier or fixture to your 10′ ceiling and connect to electrical. Additional charges may apply for new chandeliers that require attaching individual crystal.

Ceiling Height

$ 75

for each additional level of scaffolding required to reach the ceiling, add $75. This is for the cost to install, setup and remove scaffolding.12-15′, 15-18′,18-25′

Dimmer Install

$ 80

We will install your supplied chandelier. Please purchase in advance by selecting your color and options (slide, toggle, electronic, etc.), and don’t forget a new matching cover plate

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Chandelier Installation and chandelier cleaning has been a service that Shawn Penoyer has provided since 2006  and our pricing has changed very little since then.  We have been the go-to company for both residential and commercial clients throughout Atlanta  including several major high end hotel chains, local nightclubs, and hundreds of residential clients.

Our services are not just limited to chandeliers, but all sorts of lighting fixtures, both interior and exterior lighting, wall sconces,  LED lighting, and accent lighting installations.  No job is too small, and no location is too distant.

We provide installation and delivery services to all of the surrounding Metropolitan atlanta areas. We have even traveled out of state to handle delicate chandelier installations that our clients wouldn’t trust to anyone else, and for a very good reason. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our services, and if you purchase a chandelier from us, we will replace the chandelier if there is any problem with it, no questions asked!

Chandelier Installation and Cleaning
Service Type
Chandelier Installation and Cleaning
Provider Name
Shawn Penoyer Interiors,
1261 Lavista Road Northeast,Lavista Park - Midtown Atlanta,GA-30324,
Telephone No.4049847900
Atlanta and the surrounding Metropolitan areas
Providing chandelier pickup, transport and installation services